What is the ultimate road trip?

According to new research by British Airways the perfect road trip involves three people in a VW Campervan, covers 190 miles and is accompanied by rock music.

Travellers were asked to name a celebrity they would most like in the passenger seat

Topping the poll of celebrities was James Corden - i assume becuase you could also be doing some Carpool Karoke. Next on the list was actor Tom Hanks and then Stephen Fry. Personally i think Sascha Baron Cowen would be hilarious and maybe Tom Jones who can belt out a few tunes.

The view was that it needed to be at least 190 miles long to be a roadtrip and last 3hrs 42 minutes (sounds very precise). There needs to be good weather and a reliable sat nav although a third of brits said getting lost is the fun part of a road trip.

Music for the road trip was more important than the destination, but who you travelled with was the most important closely followed by the scenery outside. Well we are blessed living in Devon which has fantastic scenery.

Have a look through the vw campervans on hire from us to start thinking about your roadtrip, although we cant help we providing a celebrity fo the trip though.



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